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I love my job, I love what I do and what I can provide for my customers; a clean, safe, mold and mildew free home. I am often asked about the dangers of what I do and how I deliver this service. So I thought I might answer some common concerns involved with house washing so that my customers might have an idea of the dangers (because there ARE) associated with my profession.

1. What chemicals do you use, and will they kill my plants?

Most pressure washers that operate on a professional level use some from of caustic, usually bleach. We use Sodium Hypochlorite (SH), a bleach-like product that is usually used in swimming pools to kill and remove algae. While on its own, SH is deadly, one drop on anything biological, and it will eventually die or burn it beyond saving. We use a method called “down streaming” which injects a small amount of chemical into the water stream and out the gun at about 5% concentration. At this level, by time we rinse, the chemical is completely diluted and non-toxic to plants, flowers, and other biological beauties on your property. So FEAR NOT! we are professional and responsible with our chemicals and will protect your property as if it were our own.

2. Will your pressure washer damage my house / siding / wood etc.?

In a word, NO. We utilize an idea that is quite divided in the pressure washing community. “Soft Washing” is the idea or method that uses soft enough pressure to prevent damage to almost any surface while effectively cleaning your home. Any pressure we use on a house, deck, fence, or anything other than concrete is a pressure you can get out of your own hose! This is not to say that your hose can do what ours can, the difference is FLOW. A standard hose attached to city water will put out between 3-5 gallons per minute. Our hose can put up to 11 Gallons per minute, which allows us to reach those tough to reach places that ANY store bought pressure washer cannot.

I hope this reaches everyone who has questions, concerns, or hesitations regarding our tactics, techniques, and procedures to give you the clean and germ-free home that you desire. Give us a call today to get your no obligation free estimate. We look forward to meeting you!