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Why do I have to clean my roof?

At Integrated Power Washing Services, we’ve heard this question a lot. And we’re always glad when people ask, because the answer is so vital to the well being of their home.

First, there’s the obvious answer: Curb appeal. A roof covered in mold, lichen, and stains offers a first impression that instantly brings down the overall effect of your property. No matter how stunning your home is a roof that hasn’t been maintained will make the entire structure look like it’s in some serious need of TLC.

But the lichen, mold, algae, and other growth that make unwelcome house guests on your home can have more serious implications, besides being a pesky eye sore. This organic matter can slowly eat away at your roofing, necessitating costly repairs and even a full roof replacement.

Did You Know Your Roof Could Be A Health Risk?

Health risks also come along with this type of growth. It serves as a breeding ground for spores and other harmful allergens, creating a potent cocktail of organic matter than can cause breathing issues and other serious damage. Simply put? It isn’t worth it to let your roof fall victim to permanent issues.

Take preventative care today to give your home – and its inhabitants! – a healthy, beautiful future. Schedule your Macon roof cleaning appointment and enjoy the peace of mind and unparalleled aesthetic benefits that are always 100% guaranteed.